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Member Usage Of Club Sailboats

Policy And Procedure

POLICY:  It is the Policy of the Diamond Lake Yacht Club (DLYC) to allow members to use DLYC sailboats for their personal pleasure subject to the following Procedure.

PROCEDURE:  Members requesting to use a club sailboat must be familiar with rigging methods and proficient/experienced at sailing or be accompanied at all times by someone with the prerequisite skills and experience.  It is preferred that the user has completed sailing instruction offered by the DLYC using the class of boat requested by the member. 

The Rear Commodore, at his/her sole discretion, determines if a member meets the prerequisite requirements to use a club sailboat.

All member requests must be submitted in writing and in advance to the Rear Commodore for approval on the Sailboat Usage form available below.  The form requires requested date(s) and time(s) of usage be identified.  The form also requires identification of the person meeting the sailing prerequisite skills and experience.

In addition to the SIGNED Sailboat Usage form the requesting member must also sign a DLYC Waiver which is also available on the DLYC website.

The Sailboat Usage and Waiver forms may be transmitted to the Rear Commodore by email.

The Rear Commodore, or Designee, will respond to the request in writing.

Under no conditions may a member user remove the club sailboat from Diamond Lake.

The club sailboat must be returned to the DLYC waterfront area to the location from which it was taken, e.g. covered, on a lift, on a trailer, on a storage rack, etc.

Sailboat Usage Form

Release Form for Sailboat Usage