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DLYC Leadership

Leadership of the Diamond Lake Yacht Club consists of Flag Officers and a Board of Governors.  The board is elected by the membership and the flag officers are elected by the board of governors.  

2020 Flag Officers:

Commodore John Seidl  
Vice Commodore
Tom Nolan  Tom Nolan, Vice Commodore
Rear Commodore
Jackie Bankowski
 Jackie Bankowski Rear Commodore
Marilyn Gardner
 Marilyn Gardner Updated
Secretary Marilyn Quackenbush  
Past Commodore
Louis Csokasy  

2021 DLYC Board Members:

Term Expires 2021 Term Expires 2022 Term Expires 2023
Phyllis Clark Austin Francis
Amy Ball
Louis Csokasy Marilyn Gardner
Jackie Bankowski
Andy Jones Nancy Gerber
Steve Blenke
Tom Nolan
Sue Heinrich Dave Bolen
Tammy Renner
Marilyn Quackenbush Linda Magnuson
 John Seidl Ginny Rapp
Sally Malone
Mike Sharpe

Bill Stoler

Board Meeting Schedule

Past Commodores